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Mayday! Mayday! Mayday!

Mayday! Mayday! Mayday! I'll be playing live on this Suffolk radio show. Click 'Listen Now' on the web page link this morning, sometime around 11am, and maybe hear some lovely tunes. Any requests? :-)
Blyth Valley Radio, Southwold, Suffolk · Wed 1st May 2013 · 2:00

Blagged Chords, Strummy Beats And Ukrainian Folk Songs

A fantastic long evening by the Thames, playing tunes to the tourists, internationals and the odd local. Just about the most fun I've ever had playing in this city. Meet loads of great people, but especially big shouts to the couple from... See More
South Bank, London, England · Tue 23rd April 2013 · 21:00

Heavy In Your Hand

Heavy In Your HandGigBox 2.3 now has a fully working over-engineered hinged lid to go with her masterful fidelity, silky smooth cones and pretty fairy light illuminations. She's kinda heavy in your right hand, but loads better for lugging around the streets and tubes of London. Me, I'm outside Waterloo Station, off to try and find somewhere nice to play a few tunes in the late Sunday sunshine. Wish me luck. :-)
Outside Waterloo Station, London, England · Sun 17th February 2013 · 16:30

A Very Merry Christmas To All My Fans Everywhere

A Very Merry Christmas To All My Fans EverywhereOff to Andalucia for Christmas and new year for a bit of that southern festive sunshine. No amplifier, but I've got my trusty ARIA and a bagfull of tunes, so let's see what happens... :-)
Andalucia, Espana · Mon 24th December 2012 · 12:00

Hello Wales!

Hello Wales!Off for a quick trip to Wales. Firing up the new Gigbox2.0 wherever we land, so long as the rain holds off. I'll keep you posted. The weather's a bit crazy, so I'm not sure we'll get far past Cardiff. It's been far, far too long, feels good to be back here. :-)
Cardiff, Wales · Tue 14th August 2012 · 15:17

Bristol Harbour Festival

Bristol Harbour FestivalI'll be out in Bristol this weekend, somewhere around the harbour. Come and find me! Played the Harbour Festival a couple of times before, always good, good fun, lovely atmosphere. :-)
Bristol, England · Fri 20th July 2012 · 17:45

Good Times Down On The Farm

Good Times Down On The FarmHop Farm Festival, so much fun. Played a load of funky acoustic music to loads of lovely punters... Saw ace bands like Patti Smith and Primal Scream... Met some great fans and fellow musicians... Big shouts to Vince and Patrick Power for putting on such a great festival, and inviting me to play. See you all next year. :-)
Hop Farm Festival, Kent, England · Tue 3rd July 2012 · 4:00

Hop Farm Festival

Hop Farm FestivalGreat news, I'm going to be playing at Hop Farm Festival. Fun fun fun! Fri 29th June to 1st July. I'm playing two sets a day, around the festival, and maybe popping up in a few more places as usual. See you there? :-)
Paddock Wood, Kent · Sat 28th April 2012 · 10:00

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