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Aden Asquith (Folkdisco) is singer, guitarist and musician. He writes and performs his own beautiful, funky songs, and has been compared to everyone from Cat Stevens (voice) to Bright Eyes (song writing) to Mick Jagger (entertainment).

He also plays a huge range of over 200 cover songs as Folkdisco. These range from crowd pleasing favourites and mass singalongs, to surprising and wondrously loopy makeovers, that somehow make an uncool song sound like the best thing you've ever heard. Covers range from ABBA to the Zutons, via Johnny Cash and Lady Gaga. He is a fantastic entertainer, always great at getting the crowd singing along, hanging around a few hours longer than they intended, and generally dancing around their handbags.

He has been playing regularly since 2006, in pubs, clubs, festivals, parties, weddings, private events and street entertaining in the UK and abroad. Venues include famed Brazen Head in Dublin, Glastonbury Festival, Hop Farm, and live sessions on radio stations across England.

He generally performs in a retro acoustic style, but also utilises a variety of percussion and electronics. He has played in 25 different countries, in front of hundreds of thousands of people. Possibly millions.

You can find some of his own songs at:

...and a selection of cover versions at:

To book Aden or Folkdisco to play at your club, pub, private event or whatever, please contact us by email, call or text.



Here's what lots of people have said about Aden.

"Absolutely magnificent!" Matthew Bannister, live on national BBC Radio 5.

"There's enough sheer heart in his own material to think something might come of this"
Kerrang! Magazine

Betty from Buffalo, USA - "You're my favourite person, I love seeing you… You bring people together."

Simon Grant - "****ing awesome, you made my night, made everyone’s night"

"That's the most exciting thing I've done in my whole life! I *LOVE* you!"
Justy Veal Verissimo, Bury St Edmunds.

James Moxon - "****ing amazing, bloody lovely, lets have a dance!"

Stewie Chandler - "You're ****ing amazing, you're a genius!"
(After his band played Cambridge, my gig was his after show disco party)

Helen Butler - "You played all my favourite songs, and it meant so much to me"

Katie, from Seattle, USA - "I can’t believe you’re just standing there singing, playing, and you ****ing rock!"

Katarina from Germany – "You're wicked! We're all out dancing, and you're the best, most amazing thing in this city tonight!"

Michael - "Why didn’t I go home two hours ago? Cause he's just been too good."

Dylan, Cambridge - "I've seem Tom Waits live and that's as good a rendition of a Tom Waits song I've ever heard."

Michael - "We need more people like you creating love in the city."

Josh Bird, London - "You're f****** quality, mate!"

Christian from Konstanz, Germany - "You are awesome, man!"

Ben MacRob, London - "He's a bloody genius, and I love him!"

Antoine from Clermont Ferrand, France, via Glasgow - "Hey big man, you're a star!"

Emma Pimms - "You're absolutely fantastic!"

Luke - "You're my favourite person in the whole world!"

Naomi Arnold - "You have been the best part of my birthday!"

Lisa Baron, from New Jersey, USA - "this is better than any concert I've ever been to, and I've been to a whole load of concerts in my time, my friend"

A lovely girl from Venezuela - "I've been in England 3 months, I'm leaving tomorrow, and this is the best night I've had. And it's all because of you!"

Katie L Sparkles - "Beautiful and spontaneous... You've been the best act of the whole Bristol Harbour Festival"

Johnny - "I love what you do, it's ****ing amazing. I mean, I see you here and it's like WOW! It's like WHOOSH!"

Josefin, from Sweden - "Den killen kan underhålla"
(I think this may be an insult!)