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Cultural Vandalism, Spanish Style

Wow! Look at us getting up at 8:30, just cause they give us a free mosque to wander around. The cathedral plonked slap bang in the middle of the Mezquita is like Banksy sprawling some comedy graffiti on a Rembrant. It would be quite pretty... See More
Mezquita, Cordoba, Andalucia · Sat 29th December 2012 · 3:52

Hope You All Had A Nice 12/12/12, 12:12:12

Hope you all had a nice 12/12/12, 12:12:12. See you all in 88 years, 19 days, 12 hours, 48 minutes and 49 seconds for 01/01/01, 01:01:01! :-) Lee Green: It was amazing :-) Chris Perkins: it was the usual i wish dinner at 12:30 woiuld hurry up for me:) Zel Mulec: 01 in 88 years? bloody time warp! :-) Aden Asquith: Deja Vu! The Time Warp! Again! ;-)
Lon · Wed 12th December 2012 · 11:41

Out For An Ace Evening Of Modern Dance At Richmix

Out for an ace evening of modern dance at Richmix, London by Lydia Fraser-Ward, Jemma Bicknell, Michele Panegrossi and others. Lydia's 'Binge' was great, 3 girls on a night out partying to loud techno, getting more wasted, incapable and... See More
Richmix, London · Fri 7th December 2012 · 20:18

2 Originals, A Bit Of Sinead O'Connor, And A Theme Tune

2 Originals, A Bit Of Sinead O'Connor, And A Theme TuneLive nightly acoustic guitar song loveliness. 2 originals, a bit of Sinead O'Connor, and a theme tune. High quality acoustic warblings from yours truly. Sinead was a bit pants on Later. Not entirely sure mine worked either. But Tiny Little... See More
Wed 5th December 2012 · 16:39

Watching Sinead O'Connor On Later IPlayer

Watching Sinead O'Connor on Later iPlayer. Maybe I'm biased, but I'm sure I do a much better version of "Nothing Compares 2U" than she does these days. Which is just kind of weird! :O Michaela Clarke: it was awful, i couldn't watch, i ran... See More
Thu 29th November 2012 · 11:59

Back In Old Donny, Where I've Spent So Much Of My Life

Back in old Donny, where I've spent so much of my life. Usually, I'm here on the van/bike combo so I buzz around buying stuff, meeting cool friends, and time flies. People smile more than Landern, almost everyone's friendly. But it's pig... See More
Wed 14th November 2012 · 7:26

Love This

Love ThisLove this. Saw her on Jools, then had it going round my head. Roy Orbison thing going on, and I love a bit of Orbison.
Tue 13th November 2012 · 7:44

Wow. Just Had This Amazing Dream Within A Dream...

Wow. Just had this amazing dream within a dream within a film within a dream. Sort of Inception meets Elm Street. There's a woman's drug detox programme, and they're creating art as part of that, poems, terrible re-worded cover songs, and... See More
Tue 13th November 2012 · 1:51

Wilfred Owen - Strange Meeting

Wilfred Owen - Strange Meeting(A bit of Wilfred Owen on 11.11.11, 11:00, for soldiers and ex-soldiers everywhere) It seemed that out of battle I escaped Down some profound dull tunnel, long since scooped Through granites which titanic wars had groined. Yet also there... See More
Fri 11th November 2011 · 5:17

Tony Blair Talks Dirty

Tony Blair Talks Dirty'...but I had a huge..... stimulus package....' Enjoy! :-)
Thu 10th November 2011 · 18:27