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Street Gig - Belting Out The MOR Diva CoversWhat's wrong with Cambridge tonight. Dunno why, but the streets are empty, empty for Cambridge anyway. Maybe it's something to do with the academic year. Anyway, my voice is still kind of broken after last week, which doesn't help in bringing the crowds in. At least I can speak now, but the singing's still a bit like Rod Stewart with laryngitis, kind of hit and miss, kind of bad. Dunno which songs'll work til I'm into the first chorus, and by then it's too late. Billie Jean and Ooh La are particularly bad. Lovely Sarah doesn't need a microphone the way she belts out the MOR covers. After playing the chords to Four Non Blondes last week, here I am providing karaoke backing for your Maria Carey and Celine Dion numbers. Sell out? Moi? Anyway, there's Sarah's bf Carl, Dancing Tasha, Shy girl Pole Casha, Finnish Armi with her eyes, Lawrence who does some gentle rapping and singing, Alex and Si (again), even more blonde Polish ABBA fans, and a whole hot hatch full of bhangra boys. Which is almost always a good thing.
Street Gig - Belting Out The MOR Diva Covers
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