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Big Breasted Flying Cherubs With Wormy Ends And No LegsLeave Barcelona, and after a few km of winding cliff roads, it's back to the usual straight, free, flat roads that get you around Espana so fast. Still haven't quite got over the Italian experience, and it's a continuing surprise when other road users are polite and sane. Tarragona has some good Roman stuff, so I take a few pics, eat some nice French brioche, and hit the road.

Valencia is fantastic tho, there's huge tree lined boulevards. There's the ridiculously tall palms, those mad wide ones with the roots hanging down, fat palms, willows, orange trees covered in oranges, and loads of great deciduous ones. Never seen a city with better trees, and I've seen a lot of cities. Anyway, I thought Antonio Gaudi was a few beads short of a Catholic rosary, but Hipolito Rovira takes the biscuit on the mad architect front. Look at the facade of his Palacio del Marques de Dos Aguas, and cease to wonder why he ended his life locked up in a lunatic asylum. You've just got to wonder about the sanity of the poor Marques de Dos Aguas, for employing the loony. Like a huge meringue cake without candles, vaguely Austrian, and any building that can make me laugh out loud in the middle of the street is fine by me. What I really want to know is why have the flying cherus with wormy ends and no legs got such big breasts? They're quite a way up the building, but they really stand out!

Big Breasted Flying Cherubs With Wormy Ends And No Legs