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MISSION 10: REPUBLIC OF SAN MARINOWell, here we are, into double figures. It's been an adventure, hasn't it! Not sure I'll make the full 17, but it's slowly getting towards the teens. Anyway, wake up to totally clear blue skies, just the odd cloud on the horizon. You can see for miles today, past the crumpled, misty hills to the far off mountains east, and down over the Adriatic west. I'm up by Rocca Cesta, the north tower, on a little picnic bench. Get a few smiles from the tourists, but the songbirds and the amazing location are basically my audience. Record 'Teenage Kicks' and 'Mr Brightside', which sound pretty good.

Anyway, as I'm playing, the weather keeps changing. One minute we're in a cloud, then Rocca Guaita, the south tower, is sat in sunshine on a big cloud, then everything's all warm and sunny again. I wanna take some pics, but don't wanna stop recording halfway thru a song. Then by the end of the song, everything's changed again. This place really is so beautiful in any light, I can remember last time I was here there were rainbows down in the valleys. And they've been dressed up in 'quaint' for the tourists, but there's some serious medieval fortifications here.

San Marino, The Republic Of San Marino
9:00 · Monday 10th · December 2007
neon - folkdisco