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Turning JapaneseWhen I get to the corner Sayumi, Ran, Yukiko and 5 of their friends are sitting on the benches playing R'n'B tunes on smartphones. I don't say a word, just quietly set up. So when I launch from silence into a bit of Leona, there's a collective 'oooooh!' behind me, and a big backing vox of 'Keep bleeding, Keep, keep bleeding loves' in the choruses. Lovely! All the best Folkdisco stuff is a bit random. So it's especially good that the next bloke that turns up is half Japanese Josh to explain how to say 'Thank You' in Japanese! :-)
Ran Mšelle Hatayama - I had a great time with Aden Asquith!!! I really hope I can meet you someday again!!!
Seika Muroi - Hello! I'm one of other Japanese who sang along with you. I like your voice and your songs. Thank you for the very good time!
Sayumi Morita - Hiiiiii!!!!! It was the best night in Cambridge for me!!!! I really love your voice!! Thank you so much for being so nice to us!!:) I hope I can see you again some day!! :)
Turning Japanese