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Police, Paramedics, Pastors And The Herding Of CatsThe Cambridge police are ok, they've got their job to do, and I see them all the time running towards people who we would all happily run away from. They probably save a few lives, along with the paramedics, ambulances and those nice street pastors. Please don't hassle them when you're with me cause they're alright, they let me do my thing, and I try to keep my crowd happy but behaving themselves. But it is a bit like herding cats sometimes.
If you start swearing at the policemen, and asking for drugs through my mic, sorry but it's party over time, cause I don't need the hassle. The good news is it's nearly 5am, so it's probably time to wind up anyway.
Anyway, Daniel Cornilbert's bike is a right mess, so I give them both a lift back to Chesterton, despite him selfishly refusing to give us all a few verses of 'Dock Of The Bay'. :-)
Tim Perkins: say a big hello to the street pastors, there bang on:) the police cleaned up the boneyard yet?
Aden Asquith: I'm sure it's really easy to get arrested in, say, Burma, Egypt or China. In England you've got to work at it, cause every time they arrest someone, it's a ton of paperwork. I don't even mind you getting yourself arrested, just don't stand next to me, cause people might think we're together! Timmy, I always say a big hello to the street pastors. They even carry round a dustpan and brush to clear up the broken glass. Good good people. :-)
Daniel Cornibert: Cheers for the Lift mate :D totally owe you a verse of Dock of the bay. You'll still have to whisper the words into my ear though. ;-)
Police, Paramedics, Pastors And The Herding Of Cats