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Really Quite SplendidA long night, seems like Cambridge is just always a bit quiet these days. Good fun tho, always good fun. Special mention to my whistle playing wingman Gareth. 'Seriously, thanks! Started out one of the worst nights ever... turned out good. You ever need an enthusiastic if not very talented flautist again let me know please! Good luck to you musical brother!' I reckon a flautist who thinks he isn't any good, but actually is, that's the best combination! And nice Katy thinks I'm 'really quite splendid!' The biggest crowd doesn't turn up til 4:00, and then refuses to leave til I've played them lots more songs. Agghh! Need sleep! Making a video tomorrow with Mike Vaskiv. :-)
Aden Asquith: Doh! I've just realised it isn't tomorrow any more. It would have been tomorrow if it was still yesterday, but yesterday wasn't today any more. Oh dear. This is starting to sound like Donald Rumsfeld's known unknowns quote... :-)
Gareth Fenwick: Thanks for a great night. Hope you manage to get some sleep before making video, otherwise it'll be matchsticks to prop up your eyelids!
Gareth Fenwick: Also, dunno if you remember me asking if you knew this song, but here's my attempt at it!
Really Quite Splendid