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Beach Gig - Hippy NaturalPlaying acoustic music to a big gang of Espanols on the beach, gorgeous vibes, feeling that little bit more natural hippy by the minute. Everyone says I'm fantastic, but really, I'm too drunk to remember all the words, and I'm getting more tipsy as the brandy/bourbon mix sinks in to my system.

There's a few hippy capitalist bars dotted around. One's in a cave, and another's owned by a 78 year old woman, who's lived here almost forever. She employs passing new agers to work the tills and sell crisps, but turns the piped music off when she wants to watch telly.

Me, I came without cash, cause I didn't think there'd be anything to buy. There's luke warm spring water too, pouring out from a font in the village. Need to head back to the Manatee for supplies tomorrow, but maybe I'll load up and come back down here. This place is really lovely.

Beach Gig - Hippy Natural
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