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An Amazing Gift From An Amazing...

An Amazing Gift From An Amazing...Marianne Perkins: An amazing gift from an amazing friend Hilary Redfern: U were so clever to work it out .its truly ace xx Georgina Wilson: What is it x Hilary Redfern: Its pictures that Neil has taken.if u look carefully each one is spelling out eloise Georgina Wilson: O right x Ken Perkins: brill
Sat 13th October 2012 · 17:10

Christof's Bone's Big Birthday Bash

Christof's Bone's Big Birthday BashMandy Sanderson: I love live music . . Keep it real xx Sarah Stephenson: We were there too, missed ya :~ xx Joanne Birkett: Oh! Should have realised you'd be there! Next time eh? Chris Perkins: He's the king of the swingers :-) Joanne... See More
Doncaster, South Yorkshire · Sat 13th October 2012 · 16:21

Bonkers On A Bike - The Out-Takes

Bonkers On A Bike - The Out-TakesMartyn Ashton - Road Bike Party - The Out Takes Ouch! :-)
Wed 10th October 2012 · 20:00

This Is Bonkers On A Bike!

This Is Bonkers On A Bike!Martyn Ashton - Road Bike Party This is bonkers! Don't do this at home kids. One of the most amazing videos I have ever seen. With a bike. Check out the out-takes too... Ouch! :-) Chris Shaw: Lance Armstrong, eat your heart out! (Aden His own heart isn't the only thing Lance Armstrong shouldn't have been eating!)
Wed 10th October 2012 · 18:58

American Pie - Live In Cambridge

American Pie - Live In CambridgeAimee Leitch-Annan: Thought you might like to see this... apologies for my out-of-tune voice singing over you! Aden Asquith: Ah, that's great, there's me at the end handing you a card so you can tag me when you post it on here! Fantastic... See More
Cambridge, England · Mon 8th October 2012 · 13:42

Immense Session

 Immense Session Immense session in Cardiff. Playing 11 in Bristol was fine cause it was a chilled Sunday evening. Last night was busy, busy, busy for 7 hours non stop. Big crowds monkey dancing, skipping round in circles, compliments and handshakes all... See More
Cardiff, Wales · Sun 19th August 2012 · 8:00

The British Summer

 The British Summer2:45am. 'Damn, silly me. Should have brought my Canon out to film this. Thought it was going to rain, but it's dry as a bone tonight. Ace!' 5:00am. 'Quick! Somebody grab my guitar bag! Let's leg it over to the Santander porch before we all physically wash down the street into Cardiff Bay! AGGGHHH!' :-)
Cardiff, Wales · Sat 18th August 2012 · 4:04

Folkdisco: Will Young, One Direction, James Dean Bradfield, Dame Shirley Bassey And Orville!

Folkdisco: Will Young, One Direction, James Dean Bradfield, Dame Shirley Bassey And Orville!Folkdisco Cardiff, featuring possible guest vocal slots from Will Young, Leona Lewis, One Direction, James Dean Bradfield, Gruff Rhys, Dame Shirley Bassey and Orville. None of the above artists have confirmed yet, but you never quite know in this city! :-)
Cardiff, Wales · Sat 18th August 2012 · 3:47

The Welsh Riviera.

 The Welsh Riviera. On the sea-front promenade, Porthcawl, the Welsh Riviera. Middle of August, but it feels so very late October.
Porthcawl, Wales · Fri 17th August 2012 · 9:59

Popular Idolatry

 Popular IdolatryNot just popular idolatry from Gareth Gates last night. Also top star turns by Russell from My Red Cell and Maddie Jones ('If this girl isn't destined for mass adulation I'll eat my parka' - BBC Wales) Russell gives us a fantastically... See More
Cardiff, Wales · Thu 16th August 2012 · 0:09

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