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Pet Shaming

Pet ShamingThe latest Internet craze... Pet Shaming! ;-)
Fri 30th November 2012 · 0:52

Watching Sinead O'Connor On Later IPlayer

Watching Sinead O'Connor on Later iPlayer. Maybe I'm biased, but I'm sure I do a much better version of "Nothing Compares 2U" than she does these days. Which is just kind of weird! :O Michaela Clarke: it was awful, i couldn't watch, i ran... See More
Thu 29th November 2012 · 11:59

Four Candles? Four Candles! :-)

Four Candles? Four Candles! :-)The Two Ronnies - Four Candles [HD] Chris Perkins: i never tire of this Chris Perkins: saying wheres me bone vid gets on my tits tho:) Steph Forster: Barker looks like Benny from Crossroads! Michael Rae: classic! Ken Perkins: sublime Ken... See More
Wed 28th November 2012 · 14:27

Miracles Are Meaningless - Dr. Manhattan, Watchmen

Miracles Are Meaningless - Dr. Manhattan, WatchmenDr. Manhattan: Miracles by their definition are meaningless, only what can happen does happen. Watchmen on C4. Great storytelling, by the great Allan Moore. Maybe it's unfilmable, but I enjoyed it a lot first time, Now I'm watching the... See More
Sun 18th November 2012 · 17:29

Back In Old Donny, Where I've Spent So Much Of My Life

Back in old Donny, where I've spent so much of my life. Usually, I'm here on the van/bike combo so I buzz around buying stuff, meeting cool friends, and time flies. People smile more than Landern, almost everyone's friendly. But it's pig... See More
Wed 14th November 2012 · 7:26

Platform Zero, Kings Cross

On the northern train, Platform Zero, Kings Cross. Hmm... Platform Zero... That's almost worthy of a song. Sara Dines Woolnough: Try platform 9 3/4 ... Much more fun
Platform Zero, Kings Cross, London · Tue 13th November 2012 · 15:32

Love This

Love ThisLove this. Saw her on Jools, then had it going round my head. Roy Orbison thing going on, and I love a bit of Orbison.
Tue 13th November 2012 · 7:44

Wow. Just Had This Amazing Dream Within A Dream...

Wow. Just had this amazing dream within a dream within a film within a dream. Sort of Inception meets Elm Street. There's a woman's drug detox programme, and they're creating art as part of that, poems, terrible re-worded cover songs, and... See More
Tue 13th November 2012 · 1:51

All I Really Want From The Leaders Of Other Countries

All I really want from the leaders of other countries is that they don't frighten me. Woke up a little less frightened today. ;-) Tracey Christie: Uhu Gianni Tedesco: 'What seems to me a - in a sense - very terrifying aspect of our... See More
England · Wed 7th November 2012 · 1:23

A Stonking Version Of Jungle Book

A Stonking Version Of Jungle BookHells Bells: A stonking version of Jungle Book by Aden Asquith with a mixed bag of Perkins on BVs Jungle Book at the Hallcross Chris Perkins: Ace :-) Kento Hamaoka Barbosa: In my country we say 'Qué crack'
The Hallcross, Doncaster, South Yorkshire · Mon 22nd October 2012 · 3:56

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