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Sitting In A Tiny Tapas Bar In Cordoba

Sitting in a tiny tapas bar in Cordoba, drinking a cool cerveza, surrounded by strings of garlic and big legs of jamon, and tapping our feet to piped flamenco. :-) Danny Shevlin: Good for you mate Chris Perkins: as you do Christine... See More
El Picoteo Del Gallo, Cordoba, Andalucia, Espana · Fri 28th December 2012 · 12:36

Lost Miles

A strange thing happened to me yesterday. A random gas fitter man in Doncaster told me he used to drive my van. Same number plate. And I bought it in Wales, not Donny! And it was the worst company he ever worked for. He said it was an ok... See More
Doncaster, South Yorkshire  · Sun 23rd December 2012 · 18:45

Songs Are Just Falling Out Of Me At The Moment

Songs are just falling out of me at the moment. Another 10 ideas in the last 10 days. It'd be nice if they didn't keep doing it at 5am when I'm trying to sleep, but still. There was a mad Christian I met in Oslo years ago, who woke up with... See More
London · Sat 15th December 2012 · 13:36

Watching The Jools Later Hootenanny Live Through A...

Watching the Jools Later Hootenanny live through a little gap in the curtains. Emile Sande was in vision, but Petula Clarke is too far below us. Great stuff, even if Petula is a bit ropey covering Gnarls Barkley. Fun fun fun! Don't tell... See More
BBC TVC, London · Wed 12th December 2012 · 17:11

Hope You All Had A Nice 12/12/12, 12:12:12

Hope you all had a nice 12/12/12, 12:12:12. See you all in 88 years, 19 days, 12 hours, 48 minutes and 49 seconds for 01/01/01, 01:01:01! :-) Lee Green: It was amazing :-) Chris Perkins: it was the usual i wish dinner at 12:30 woiuld hurry up for me:) Zel Mulec: 01 in 88 years? bloody time warp! :-) Aden Asquith: Deja Vu! The Time Warp! Again! ;-)
Lon · Wed 12th December 2012 · 11:41

Out For An Ace Evening Of Modern Dance At Richmix

Out for an ace evening of modern dance at Richmix, London by Lydia Fraser-Ward, Jemma Bicknell, Michele Panegrossi and others. Lydia's 'Binge' was great, 3 girls on a night out partying to loud techno, getting more wasted, incapable and... See More
Richmix, London · Fri 7th December 2012 · 20:18

2 Originals, A Bit Of Sinead O'Connor, And A Theme Tune

2 Originals, A Bit Of Sinead O'Connor, And A Theme TuneLive nightly acoustic guitar song loveliness. 2 originals, a bit of Sinead O'Connor, and a theme tune. High quality acoustic warblings from yours truly. Sinead was a bit pants on Later. Not entirely sure mine worked either. But Tiny Little... See More
Wed 5th December 2012 · 16:39

LIVE @ 959 - 2

LIVE @ 959 - 2LIVE @ 959 - 5 Dec 2012 LIVE @ 959 - 5 Dec 2012:LIVE @ 959 959 Theme, Open Sesame, Nothing Compares, Tiny Little Fingers. Live nightly acoustic guitar song loveliness. Enjoy. re...
London · Wed 5th December 2012 · 16:33


LIVE AT 959Live streaming songs here. NOW! See you there. Send me requests etc! :-) My first live stream. Good fun, but I need more gigahertz, and probably at least one more core, this laptop's on the ragged edge. Keep looking off to the bottom left... See More
London · Tue 4th December 2012 · 15:59

I'm At The Bee Bee Cee

I'm At The Bee Bee CeeI'm at the Bee Bee Cee, you know. Meet up with Peter Gibbs preparing the BBC1 1030 forecast - Hel used to work at weather. I resist the strong urge to kiss him to add to my celebrity snogs list. Anyway, here's a pic of Floyd 'Two Nikons' Briscoe and his brace of big bling uberflash SLRs! :-)
The Big British Castle, White City, London · Fri 30th November 2012 · 22:08

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