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A Very Happy New Year To All My Friends, Family And Fans

A very happy new year to all my friends, family and fans. Big love and hugs to all of you, male, female and indeterminate, I love you all. Let's have a big sing-a-long soon. :-) x x
Mon 31st December 2012 · 19:00

Buenos Nuevo Ano And A Happy New Year To Everyone!

Hope you're having fun wherever you are. Cheesy musica live y random fireworks here in Malaga. Rum, coke and another botella de cava in my backpack. Buenos noches amigos! :-) Buenos nuevo ano and a happy new year to everyone Espanol y Ingles. Let's have a fiesta in 2013! :-)
Malaga · Mon 31st December 2012 · 16:55

Driven So Far Today, Around Lots Of Little Bends

Driven so far today, around lots of little bends. From the sea wall in Cadiz, up to 1103m, through tiny pueblo blanco alleyways, through Ronda and back down to the harbour front and alcazar in Malaga. We're out for the live music and fireworks in Placa de La Constitucion. We've got cava. We've got 12 grapes to eat at midnight. We have rum. We have coke. Party! Danny Shevlin: Happy new year mate!
Malaga, Andalucia, Espana · Mon 31st December 2012 · 16:52

Puerto De El Boyar

Puerto de El Boyar, 1103m high pass between Arcos de la Fronera and Ronda. The party isn't here, we're in the middle of a chuffin cloud. I think we probably need to get down! Vamos! Rapido! :-)
Puerto De El Boyar, Grazelema, Andalucia, Espana · Mon 31st December 2012 · 11:54

Barefoot With Cats

Barefoot on the beach in Cadiz. Big waves on the horizon, little ones here. Lots of scrawny cats all along the city sea walls. :-) Michelle Gregg: Very nice. Kate Savage Was Oldale: Poetic x
Cadiz, Andalucia, Espana · Mon 31st December 2012 · 6:28

Just Eaten The Messiest Cake Available To Buy In Sevilla

Just eaten the messiest cake available to buy in Sevilla. 3 layers of pastry sandwiching 2 huge layers of meringue. Yes, obviously it's on my jumper. I can understand how it got on my nose. But how did it get in my eye? Nom nom nom! :-) Natalie Doig: I think I had some of that when I was there a few years back.
Sevilla, Andalucia, Espana · Sun 30th December 2012 · 6:40

Amazing Intense Flamenco In A Converted Coal...

Amazing intense flamenco in a converted coal warehouse just north of Santa Cruz, Sevilla. Huge mad posters and skeletons hanging from the walls. Here comes the flamenco! Upright piano. Solo singer, dressed in black, black hair, huge... See More
La Carboneria, Sevilla, Andalucia, Espana · Sat 29th December 2012 · 17:25

The Great Thing About Spain Is You Keep Wandering...

The great thing about Spain is you keep wandering into their festivals, and if you're Spanish, any excuse for a feste is a good enough excuse. So in Ecija, they're celebrating the return of the Spanish kings 600 odd years ago. There's a little Santa's grotto where the ninos are queuing up to meet a bloke dressed up as a sparkly king, and we get freebie hot chocolate and yumyums. Totally random, and quite lovely. :-)
Ecija, Andalucia, Espana · Sat 29th December 2012 · 12:53

Cultural Vandalism, Spanish Style

Wow! Look at us getting up at 8:30, just cause they give us a free mosque to wander around. The cathedral plonked slap bang in the middle of the Mezquita is like Banksy sprawling some comedy graffiti on a Rembrant. It would be quite pretty... See More
Mezquita, Cordoba, Andalucia · Sat 29th December 2012 · 3:52

El Pisto, The Best Tapas Bar In Andalucia

El Pisto tapas bar, Cordoba, for a HUGE ration of fried seafood pescada frita and roast pork. Apparently the best tapas bar in Andalucia. Nomtastic! Try to find a flamenco bar, which is very, very closed. Instead go for more Marks and... See More
El Pisto, Cordoba, Andalucia, Espana · Fri 28th December 2012 · 21:50

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