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Reaper What You Sow

Reaper What You SowOh Lordy! Why did I spend so long recording music on Cubase? Knew it was time for a change, so I fired up Ableton Live, which just had me scratching my head a lot. Ableton can't cope with my low spec laptop, and I can't cope with Ableton's... See More
London · Wed 6th March 2013 · 9:35

Tingling Finger Ends

Tingling Finger EndsHmmm, should have brought more AAs and more chocolate. By 10pm my Zoom H4 is moaning about power, and my hands are shaking with hunger. A nice long evening on Jubilee Bridge West, entertaining the tourists, locals and internationals. Just... See More
Golden Jubilee Bridge, London, England · Sun 17th February 2013 · 22:00

Alkies, Girls, Mothers, Children, Dancing Down The Front

Alkies, Girls, Mothers, Children, Dancing Down The FrontPlay a late afternoon session down between the Millennium Bridge and Tate Modern. Good stuff, even the English Londoners are friendly and generous. A few alkies, girls, mothers, and children dancing down the front. :-)
South Bank, London · Sun 6th January 2013 · 17:32

11km Above Western Brittany

Sitting on an aeroplane 11km above western Brittany, checking the GPS, looking at our photos, and remembering all the good times we've had over the last 10 days. Highlights - landscape at El Torcal, fantastic food at Casa El Pisto Cordoba... See More
Heathrow, London · Thu 3rd January 2013 · 22:20

Randomly Upgraded To Business Class

Randomly Upgraded To Business ClassRandomly upgraded to business class. Sitting in VIP with our gratis Saint Michael beers, and trying to work out what these little Spanish snacks are. Aeropuertastic! :-) Christine Deeming: how did you manage that Allan Martin: He's lying... See More
11km Over The Pyrenees, Espana · Thu 3rd January 2013 · 21:30

Beaten Up By Big Waves

Been for another swim, this time in Nerja. Bit warmer than Almunecar last night, and with huge waves. Crazy riptide, too strong to fight it, just come out along the beach and walk back along the promenade. Feel like I've been beaten up by the big waves! :-)
Playa El Playazo, Nerja, Andalucia, Espana · Thu 3rd January 2013 · 9:26

I Am Un CHIEN Andalusia!

Don't know about you, but I am un CHIEN Andalusia! I am un CHIEN Andalusia! A bit of Pixies on our last morning in El Andalus? Si! Michael Mc Millan: Si su cara es como un perro del Andaluth, you will find that perro is dog in spanish and... See More
Nerja, Andalucia, Espana · Thu 3rd January 2013 · 4:15

Charlie Bucket's Golden Ticket

Charlie Bucket's Golden TicketWell it isn't quite Charlie Bucket's golden ticket, but we're in the magnificent Alhambra, Granada, about to head into Palacios Nazaries. Deep snow on the Sierra Nevada patches of frost on the ground, sunshine above, and starting to warm... See More
Alhambra, Granada, Andalucia, Espana · Wed 2nd January 2013 · 3:55

Malaga. Los manana after el noche before. Uggghh! Cyril Deeming: Good night then? Aden Asquith: El noche mucho buenos! Manana mucho malo! :O
Malaga, Andalucia, Espana · Tue 1st January 2013 · 7:15

The Trouble With Spain

I think this might just be my favourite pizza parlour in the whole world ever. Big nomtastic pizzas for 3 euro, opposite Teatre Cervantes, near Plaza Merced, Malaga. Please, no-body tell Hells Bells how ridiculously cheap it was, I think I... See More
Opposite Teatre Cervantes, Near Plaza Merced, Malaga, Andalucia, Espana · Mon 31st December 2012 · 21:16

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