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My Big Fat Stonking Street Gig

My Big Fat Stonking Street GigBig big night on the Big Corner in Cambridge. The big lumpy rainclouds come over from the midlands as expected, but we just move the show under the leafy tree. Never gets so damp that we've got to run off to a shop doorway. Big result... See More
Cambridge, England · Sat 11th May 2013 · 23:00

Big Beautiful Man

Big Beautiful ManHead out late, very late onto The Big Corner to play a few tunes after the drizzle stops. Stay under the leafy tree in case it starts chucking it down again. It doesn't. Just a few good people around, but nice fun all the same. Big shouts... See More
Cambridge, England · Sat 11th May 2013 · 3:00

This Moment Nighttime

Brushing my teeth last night, a melody and some chords appeared in my mind. Strumming and singing it into my phone, a bridge/chorus turned up. Wrote downa few words, and now it's a song. All hunky dory, infectious hook, sounding lovely in... See More
London, England  · Wed 8th May 2013 · 5:10

The Best Busker In Cambridge Official

Rowan says all the police know me, note the zone of peaceful happiness when they're on duty, and dance along when they're off. He's been a Cambridge Copper since 2007, and says I'm clearly the best busker in Cambridge. He lights up a... See More
Cambridge, England · Fri 3rd May 2013 · 11:30

Blue, White, Orange, Yellow, Blue

Blue, White, Orange, Yellow, BlueLand's End, Lowestoft, Suffolk... I am currently the most easterly man in Britain! Taking far, far too many photographs of the sun slowly rising over the North Sea. Watching all the colours change. Blue, sparking white, orange, yellow, blue. Windmills and waves. Seagulls and trawlers. Fantastic.
Lowestoft, Suffolk · Thu 2nd May 2013 · 6:00

Video: Just Stunning, Stunning

Video: Just Stunning, StunningTake over the half ruined thatched church at Covehithe, to video a few songs amid all the crazy photogenic history. I'll have to see how everything sounds when I get back to civilisation. It looks amazing here. There's a huge ruined church... See More
Covehithe, Suffolk, England · Wed 1st May 2013 · 18:00

Last Of The Summer Clones

Last Of The Summer Clones A couple of old scruffy bobble hatted Compo and Clegg clones eating their sandwiches outside the half ruined thatched church at Covehithe. Only you walk past them, and they're not gossiping about Nora Batty, they're discussing how to install drivers for an external USB CD writer. Very strange. Call me old fashioned, but I'm sure this kind of thing doesn't happen in Holmfirth.
Covehithe Church, Suffolk, England · Wed 1st May 2013 · 16:30

A Big Yellow Half Moon

A Big Yellow Half Moon On a bench at Southwold, below millions of little stars. Listening to the waves splash in, and watching a big yellow half moon rise up over the North Sea. Gotta go to bed soon, ready for the radio show in a few hours. x
Southwold, Suffolk, England · Wed 1st May 2013 · 1:30

I Love Your Voice

I Love Your VoiceLate night Big Corner Session in Cambridge with my guitar and a few singalong dancealong friends. A bit nippy, but good fun and anyway, music is central heating for FOLKDISCOs. Big shouts to Punk Ian, Nick, Ollie, Kirsty, Chloe, and 'Get Her Off The Mic It's Hurting My Ears' Nicky. Quote: 'That was beautiful, I love your voice!' - Katherine Macfarland :-)
Cambridge, England · Fri 26th April 2013 · 23:00

A Long And Lovely Evening Of Music

Walking up to Charing Cross for the night bus, after a long and lovely evening of music. Missed my last tube, and I'm a bit knackered, but it's been fantastic! :-) x
South Bank, London, England · Wed 24th April 2013 · 0:55

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