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I'm 23 Now, And I'm Going To Remember This Night When I'm 60!

I'm 23 Now, And I'm Going To Remember This Night When I'm 60!'I'm 23 now, and I'm going to remember this night when I'm 60!' Aww! Roman from Russia has had a great night on The Big Corner. But I'm not entirely sure he's going to remember anything tomorrow. They do like a bit of vodka, these Russians! ;-)
Cambridge, England · Sun 1st September 2013 · 4:00


TroubadourJoining the greats that have played the world-famous Troubadour in Earls Court, London. :-)
The Troubadour, Earls Court, London · Wed 28th August 2013 · 20:00

Salty Water Pouring Off Everyone's Faces

Salty Water Pouring Off Everyone's FacesNice gig tonight in Camden. I'm headline, with a whole load of dancing, hand clapping, foot stomping and good ole fashioned singing along, as I'm strumming the funky toons. All this despite Andalusian temperatures and salty water pouring off everyone's faces. Now I'm off for a cold shower! :-) :-) :-)
Bar Solo, Camden, London · Wed 17th July 2013 · 22:30

Union Of Gurners International Symposium

Union Of Gurners International SymposiumOf course, Cambridge is once again home to the Union of Gurners International Symposium. Here we see the delegates from Malaysia, Ireland, Morocco, Doncaster, Latvia, Airdrie, Trumpington, Bottisham, Essex, Impington, Cherry Hinton, Spain, Indonesia, Prickwillow, Six Mile Bottom and Royston Vasey. ;-) Once again, a great weekend out playing tunes in Cambridge.
Cambridge, England · Sat 6th July 2013 · 4:00

Huge Smiles And Bear Hugs

Huge Smiles And Bear Hugs Stonking little session with the gigbox by Bella's Bridge from 2 til the curfew kicks in at 5am. About 20 to 40 dancers and singers for the full 3 hours, with everyone in fantastic loud voice. Loads of people saying stuff like 'I've had a crap day today, but you've made it brilliant' Huge smiles and bear hugs all round. Fun fun fun! :-)
Bella's Bridge, Glastonbury Festival, England · Mon 1st July 2013 · 2:00

Giraffe, Zebra, Crocodile, And The Smokin' Party Girls

Giraffe, Zebra, Crocodile, And The Smokin' Party GirlsAh, the stone circle at dawn, pagan party. Been here so many times, it feels like a homecoming. Kind of sleepy, but can't help playing a song or two, once the sun worshipping whoops die down. People keep wanting more, so it turns into a... See More
Stone Circle, Sacred Space, Glastonbury Festival, England · Sat 29th June 2013 · 4:30

Tip Top Tunes

Tip Top TunesCycle over to the Other Stage for some gorgeous melancholy from Portishead. Head off to the the tents and camp fires of Pennard Hill for a tidy little acoustic session with Mrs Jo Freedman and Dawn French's stepson Olly. Head up through... See More
Coyote Moon Cafe, Tipi Village, Glastonbury Festival, England · Sat 29th June 2013 · 4:00

Fantastic Acoustic Shenanigans

 Fantastic Acoustic Shenanigans More fantastic acoustic shenanigans in Cambridge last night. Out really late, raining til past midnight, but we all stay dry til 5. 1st time with the looper. Sounds ace, I gotta set up the loops, set up the sounds, and just practice, lots of practice. Jessica Quote - 'You're my favourite person in the whole world.' :-)
Cambridge, England · Sun 23rd June 2013 · 2:00

Strawberry Fair Forever

Strawberry Fair ForeverStrawberry Fair. Cambridge at its best and worst. Busy streets. Excitement in the air. The constant low rumble of loud music wafting over from Midsummer Common. Wasted souls staggering across roads, in search of far away off-licences. The summer alcoholics who turn up now, and never quite leave til winter. And everyone dressed up ready for a very big party. See you all tonight folks. Don't be early. :-)
Cambridge, England · Sat 1st June 2013 · 21:00

Special, Spine Tingling, And Loud

Special, Spine Tingling, And LoudThere's a fantastic moment where I'm playing Can't Take My Eyes Off You, there's something like 100 people singing and dancing, and it just goes off somewhere really special, spine tingling, and loud. Big crowds for the first time in ages, I'd guess maxing out at 120-130. Dunno. Lots! Big fun too. And not one person asks for Sex On Fire all night. :-)
Cambridge, England · Sat 1st June 2013 · 2:00

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