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It's Only The Pixies!

Got me a movie Ha ha ha ho! Slicing up eyeballs Ha ha ha ho! girlie so groovie Ha ha ha ho! Don't know about you but i am un CHIEN Andalusia... It's only the chuffin Pixies! :-) :-) :-)
Apollo, Hammersmith, London · Mon 25th November 2013 · 16:29

2 Pints Of Lime And Mixer Tap Soda... 9.80!

Hammersmith Apollo. 2 pints of lime and mixer tap soda = £9.80! Nine pounds and eighty chuffin pence! For soda! :O
Apollo, Hammersmith, London · Mon 25th November 2013 · 15:32

Nice Night Out With My Black Electric Guitar In...

Nice night out with my black electric guitar in Cambridge. Too cold for the Tanglewood. The fans have gotta keep singing and dancing, or it gets a bit too BRRRRR!
Cambridge, England · Sat 23rd November 2013 · 13:43

5 Things You May Not Know About Me...

- I am fluent in 14 fictional languages, including 'Klingon', 'Dothraki', 'Elvish', 'Hopkins', 'Clanger', 'Gruffalo' and 'Fox'. - I'm surprisingly short, but am a big fan of glam rock, so constantly walk around in platform shoes. - I was... See More
London, England · Tue 19th November 2013 · 9:34


TWINS!Big news! Hells and I are expecting twins! 2 boys, not identical. Due in late February, but twins, unlike me, often arrive early. I couldn't be more delighted or thrilled!
London, England · Sat 12th October 2013 · 18:44

To The Bitter End

This is bonkers. Some of the people who performed on the Bitter End stage before I got up there. Woody Allen, Tori Amos, Joan Armatrading, Joan Baez, Sandra Bernhardt, Tracy Chapman, Cheech & Chong, Judy Collins, Bill Cosby, Billy Crystal... See More
The Bitter End, Bleaker St, New York, USA · Wed 2nd October 2013 · 18:36

I Have A Dream

Amazing to see the great sites of Washington D.C. The White House, Reflecting Pool, Lincoln Memorial, the exact place where Martin Luther King made his I Have A Dream speech in '63, and the incredible Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Designed... See More
Washington D,C,, USA · Sun 29th September 2013 · 18:00

The Voice Of An Angel

The Voice Of An AngelI'm singing Back For Good, when a woman grabs the mic... 'Let me through, I've got the voice of an angel!' I have no idea who told you that, darling, but they were lying. If I die and hear someone singing like you, I'll know I've reached... See More
Cambridge, England · Sat 7th September 2013 · 23:00

Turning Japanese

Turning JapaneseWhen I get to the corner Sayumi, Ran, Yukiko and 5 of their friends are sitting on the benches playing R'n'B tunes on smartphones. I don't say a word, just quietly set up. So when I launch from silence into a bit of Leona, there's a... See More
Cambridge, England · Mon 2nd September 2013 · 22:00

Call The Cops!

Call The Cops!I'm busking with Dave and his stags. Suddenly a panda car pulls up, and a sergeant gets out. 'Right, I'm arresting you'. He's just about to cuff Gay Daffyd off Little Britain for 'drunken disorderly' when he turns around and does a big thumbs up. No idea how they organised it. More friendly coppers later posing for photos with the gang. Soundtrack is obvious. I'm playing Roxanne! :-)
Cambridge, England · Sun 1st September 2013 · 4:30

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